On the Tribes

Many Tribes exist in Yggdrasil, far too many to remember. Some die out, while others are born again anew: alliances are formed, people band together, bandits become organized. Alternatively, tribes die out: illnesses or curse, lack of food, war, monsters, magic, or just plain bad luck.

Your own tribe: Once a respected tribe, it is no more: it was always honorably lead and paid much heed to the spirits, your people went to war when it was called for it, and was welcoming to those who would travel. But, unfortunately, respect is not a given, and the tribe was cruelly wiped out by the Acenii, who broke the rules of war and attacked while the tribe was lighting the burial pyres for the children and elderly dastardly wiped out by an Acenii attack. Unprepared by this breaking of tradition, Your people could not hold out, and were ruined by the Acenii. While your tribe fought back heroically, with images that will never leave your heads, they could not last. Few survived the attack, and most were cast out and away, travelling to different lands. While you may have lived, your families and friends, all that you knew and cherished, did not. And worse: your tribe has not been put to rest. For years, their bodies have lain where they fell, not offered sacrifice to the gods, not been properly buried. Their blood and their spirits demand retribution and a righting of wrongs.

The Acenii: a nomadic tribe that has travelled all about Yggdrasil, they are a kind who pick up what they can to survive. Once respected for their vast knowledge, tribes had sent people to learn from them. But something changed after they traveled south. They came back to the heart of Yggdrasil vastly different then they had left: they did not keep tradition, did not respect the land or its people. They were wholly different. They stepped on the toes of many tribes, which led to many skirmishes. It soon became apparent that the Acenii were strong: their warriors were well experienced and hardy, their shamans wise and insightful, and most of all, many warriors showed gifts of Yggdrasil, most of all the mighty Heralds of Frost: warriors unequaled in the tribe who could call upon ice as a weapon. The Acenii began to make an empire, forcing many tribes under their yoke: yours stood against them, and was crushed. But it was this dishonorable act by the Acenii that doomed them: every other tribe rose up against them: After several years of conflict, the Acenii now stand a pale shadow of what they were. They flee their ancestral lands.

The Jorgmunder: The warrior tribes of the east united a long time ago against common foes: elven tribes that appeared from the Dark Forests, only to be defeated and added to the warrior tribe: Orcs, who came from the plains and mountains, only to meet the hardy warriors of the Jorgmunder, and the new tactics brought in by the elves. The three tribes melded seamlessly, especially when confronted with new, terrfiying enemies: the creatures and monsters of the Dark Forests became aggressive, hordes of teeth, fur and claw. And the mysterious tribes that live deep within the Forests, who speak intelligible tongues.

The Tulmundr: These tribes live in the south, and use magic heavily. Led by women, usually witches of great power and wisdom, they enhance their few warriors with mighty powers, making their smaller numbers more than enough to be the equal of the elite of any other tribe. Because of this, many Norse tribes don’t bother them, out of fear of their warriors, their curses, and their magic. However, the trolls of the ice marshes do not feel the same fear, and it is a constant battle between the two groups.

There are many more tribes, famous warrior-lodges, feared bandit groups and more throughout the land as well, and will be introduced as they are encountered.

On the Tribes

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