Fetchling Ranger


5’2’’ and 105 lbs.
Her hair is entirely jet black with the exception of one single golden blonde highlight in the from which makes the rest of her hair seem even darker than the usual fetchling. Her skin is grey but seems to shimmer a little, and her eyes are pure black, so black every bit of light reflects from them brilliantly.
Personality – She is a woman of few words, but when she does speak it is with purpose. She comes off as being stoic, but she is truly fun loving, and a bit of a harmless prankster. Her silence is easily broken by the mention of her family, her race, or her appearance.
Such topics evoke a wrath-filled rant that generally end with Stralys removing herself from the group (sometimes for days).


Father, Drolin (Merchant)
Mother, Iva (Merchant)
Brother, Vanderen, 16 years senior
Sister, Morgret twin, bind
When Iva was pregnant with Morgret and Stralys, she was visited in a dream by Nott, the goddess of darkness and the lost homelands of the fetching people. In the dream, Nott told Iva she would be having 2 daughters. Of the two, the one born in shadows would be a great heroine. Not told Iva that this shadow child would be blessed in the skills of their people more so than the generations before her. Since the plain of shadows was destroyed, fetchlings have become more used to their lighter foster home over the generations. Nott continued to say that this child would be forever in the goddesses favor. She also explained that every shadow is cast by a light. There would be no darkness without light. The second daughter would be cursed, she would be the blinding light. This daughter would bring about the acceleration of change in the fetching people to become more human (acclimate to this plain). These sisters were destined to rival each other, however, Nott warned that neither child could live without the other. “There cannot be darkness without light. The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.” Should one die, the other would fall.
When Morgret and Stralys were born Morgret came first and was clearly blind. Stralys followed with a single golden strike across her otherwise black hair. Iva took these physical characteristics to mean the Morgret, being blind was born in darkness and was therefore the blessed child. Morgret would be cherished and nearly worshiped as a savoir to the fetchlings. This meant to Iva that Stralys was cursed by the light, and her single blonde strike proved it. Because of this Iva treated her daughters as she believed them to be. Morgret was nurtured and pampered. While Stralys was avoided by all fetchlings, and treated with distain and disgust by all her people, except 1. Vanderen, Stralys’ mute older brother, cared for her unlike any other. Vanderen had always had a powerful connection and loyalty to Meili, the god of travel. This connection gave Vanderen an insight to the truth of his misunderstood sisters “curse.” Vanderen mysteriously disappeared when Starlys was 8, she would not hear news of him until she was 13. At this time Vanderen made her swear to secrecy of his contact with her. After she swore, he would meet her weekly with small trinkets from far off places, Stralys did not know how it was possible for her brother to visit these great distant lands and still be so punctual for their secret meetings. At their meeting, Vanderen would teach Stralys in the art of Archery. It did not take long for Stralys to out master her older brother, she had a natural knack for it.
Starlys loved her brother, and cherished him above anything else. However, her time around her own people became unbearable. She was constantly pestered, and tormented by the fetchlings, primarily her own family. Drolin was the best of the worst, he treated Stralys as if she were a pebble in his shoe, only paying her any mind when she was aggravating him. Her mother would say she would have killed her at birth if the goddess Nott had not told her that it would in turn kill their beloved Morgret. And Morgret tormented her sister, by burning her in the night with red hot torches, yelling “Go back to your dreadful light!” By the time Stralys was 16, she could bear it no longer. At her weekly visit, she would beg for Vanderen to take her with him. Sh went to their usually meeting point, and waited. Stralys sat there for hours, until the sun had risen and was high in the sky. Vanderen never came. Stralys believed the worst had happened. In sorrow, grief, fear, desperation, and rage she ran and never looked by.

Stralys had been running for days. She had no food and no water, but somehow she was able to keep running. She felt guided by something, something deep inside her own spirit. She ran until that spirit guided suddenly stopped and she fell to the ground in exhaustion. She would be found by a group of local tribesmen out hunting. They brought her back to their clan, where Stralys was treated by the local healer (Peter’s mom). She would care for and nurture Stralys. Stralys and Kadyr would becomes close friends.


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