Sormrson (Alrekson)

Oread Fighter, Killer, and Bastard


A younger version of Jarl Alrek of the clan Nidriki with a few key, menacing deferences

A hulking man with skin that looks hardened and almost marbled. Tattoos of the dreaded J├Ârmungandr cover his body in a taboo fashion, open as if to attack the outside world. They are stretched and heavily scared, as if they were placed on by force at a very young age and stretched and mutilated with growth. Dark brown hair covers his braided face and head with chunks bleached blonde. Eyes blacked with war paint with three streaks running down his left eye bring strong notice to his ruby crystal like iris’. In his hands a mighty Earthbreaker two-handed warhammer. On his back a short spear and matching long spear. Leather chaps also bear the symbol of the open serpent. Covering his shoulders and his wrapped feat are the skin and fur of a polar bear, his first kill as a young child.


The jarl of Clan Nidriki, Alrek Halvorson married a women of beauty and strength, Torid Adisdottir. But Torid could not bear children. This always put a strain on their relationship but she was loved by his people so the resentment was internalized and never spoke of for their land was fertile and their raids were full of fortune where their beds had not been.

But the Jarl Alrek’s internal drive to reproduce grew inside him. On a raid the jarl met a magical creature. One who’s charm’s he did not try to resist. After the raid the Jarl returned home, said nothing to his wife or clan’s men kept his story in joyish secrecy. For two years, it was his and his alone.

In the night, the creature visited the bedside of the Jarl and his wife, in her arms a sleeping child. The child had ruby red irises, hardened skin and dark hair but otherwise but the facial structure was undeniably the Jarls. Torid stood by her bedside in both shock and terror. She knew what had transpired, and blamed her own body for act. She collapsed by their bedside. Jarl Alrek shunned the creature but stole the child from her. The mother furious and enraged attacked but had to flee for her life in the end as guardsmen stormed the bedchambers.

The Jarl tried to keep the incident typed lipped but whispers like the wind, can not be kept in a box. The shame of the child wore quickly on the jarls wife. She could see pity in the eyes of her men, and judgement in the eyes of her women. Within the month she succumbed to the stares and depression. Finding the highest oceanside cliff Torid gave herself to the sea.

The Jarl, no longer having his wife to place his resentment on, turned it to his bastard son, giving him the name Sormrson, Son of the Serpent, the Bastard of Nidriki, destroyer of worlds, adversary of the gods.

Marked with his sin that he did not create, Sormrson is thrown into battle at a very young age but somehow always makes it out alive. During one of the tribes largest losses when Sormrson was only 13, he managed to make it back to the shores of Clan Nidriki alone. All others had perished, and the rival clan had sent him back to tell of their defeat. Alrek was so infuriated that he ordered the boy chained down while Silje, the artist, made permanent black marks in his skin. For over a week the boy was chained while Silje had to dig deep into his skin to mark the boy with multiple signs of the open serpent, a warning to the world. When the artist could not stand it any more within a day Sormrson was whipped 10 lashes for each clansman lost. By the sixth day the boy had cried his last tear, and would not shed another for his lifetime.

He is hated by most of his people and blamed for the loss of their clan mother. His survival has made him cold, and he seeks vengeance on the Gods that created him, so arrogant to believe that he will one day be their undoing. Though he would never call him such, Kadyr is his closest friend, his mother and father Calder and Loron, his only trusted allies. The adopted sister, Stralyis, Sormrson finds distant and is unsure if he is able to trust, but still captures his attention when present. His unofficial handler, F├Ârbise, has become an unexpected ally as Sormrson tends to make the low ranking leader coin on bets of the giant Oreads survival.

During the first strike on the clans home Sormrson had be out on a raid. When he returned, during the burial rights, the seconded attack came. Most died, the rest fled. Sormrson, stayed, like stone, refused to move.

Sormrson (Alrekson)

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