Kadyr Caldersson

Druid, fortune-teller, and Fey-touched


Kadyr Caldersson stands 5’10" and is relatively lean. His hair is unkempt at shoulder length, tied back with loose sprigs of holly. His icy blue eyes often appear distant and fogged over, as if he is lost in another thought or reading something only he can see. Kadyr dresses in leathers and furs, wrapped tightly with belts and ties, preferring simple browns and tans. Kadyr keeps clean-shaven, giving him a youthful appearance and accentuating the sharp angles of his jaw and cheekbones. When his armor and tunic are removed, Kadyr bears a strange mark centered on his chest and spiraling out like the arms of a galaxy until the end of his ribcage. Kadyr’s features are softer than most men of the tribe, and his fingers are long and thin. He is rarely found far from his trusted casting-stones for divining the future. Among the tribe, Kadyr has always had a reputation that gave him an air of menace despite his appearance. The tales say he was visited by a Fey as an infant, and the creature took blood from his chest and marked him for some unknown purpose. Since then, Kadyr has heard the whispers of spirits and communicated with them. The secrets of the spirits set Kadyr on the path of the druid long ago. Kadyr travels with a young mammoth he has named Fjorlag that he befriended after the attack by Acenii. Fjorlag is dark-colored for a mammoth pup and enjoys playing quite a bit, though he seems not to know his own size or strength.


Kadyr is the only biological child of Calder and Loron. Calder was the tribe’s soothsayer, specializing in the casting of runes and reading of birds, and hopes to train his son in his trade. Loron was a gifted healer and herbalist whose careful eye and nurturing nature outfitted her well for this task. Stralys was adopted into Kady’r family when he was eighteen years old, and the adoptive siblings grew close.

As a child, Kadyr was known for humming songs he had never heard or speaking in strange tongues that animals seemed to respond to. This marked his as odd, as did a strange scar across his ribcage. His father attempted to teach him how to read runes and discern the will of the gods from the winds and the birds, but Kadyr cared little for the future, preferring to idly exist in the present or muse about the ancient past. He became rather close with a local wolf pack which he called the Thistle Paws, who never attacked the tribe’s livestock. These wolves, with their black fur and friendly demeanors, mingled with the tribe’s dogs and other beasts, and even kept wilder beasts away. When Stralys was found, Kadyr was out gathering herbs with his mother, a task he enjoyed much more than the rare times he was asked to accompany raiders to gather supplies from other settlements. He located a strange herb his mother called Moonkiss, known for thick petals of dark violet with white veins in the petals and leaves. Kadyr took it, at first because it was pretty. The fact that it helped ease pains from hunger and thirst was not on his mind. But when Loron was preparing the day’s acquisitions and the girl was brought in, the herb proved intensely useful. Calder smiled when his wife told him of this occurrence. Intentional or not, his son would know the future in some small piece.

Stralys recovered quickly, and Kadyr’s parents took it upon themselves to teach her the ways of our people. She was a quick learner, though did not like being pressed for details about her past. Kadyr never bothered her for it, as it was not something he could change. Instead, he and his adopted sister would walk with the Thistle Paws by night, ensuring they ate well. Kadyr liked playing with the pups or trying to outrun the wolves. Though Kadyr had never hidden that the spirits of the world spoke to him, it was only Stralys who seemed to understand the strange position they found themselves in.

After the Acenii struck their double-blows, Kadyr turned north, called by the spirits to some unknown purpose. He told no one of his departure, though a small note etched into bark was left for Stralys, simply reading: “I am called. I must answer. Spirits protect you on my behalf.” Strange glyphs create a ring around the message, and fresh snow covered and hid any tracks left the night before.

Kadyr Caldersson

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