Half-elf Fighter


Relatively short at 5’8", Förbise would never claim to have a commanding presence. Somewhat slight as well, due to his elven heritage (on his father’s side), his fighting successes have been predicated mostly on an “inventive” style rather than physical prowess. Older than most of his fellow soldiers (about 70 at the time of the treacherous attacks by the Acenii) Characters, due to the prolonged lifespan of a half-elf, he gained the rank of Huskarl almost by default from surviving long enough. Still, his extra experience; he was around for and survived many, many battles; gave him a small amount of respect from the fighters under his command. He was not a threat to advance any further, certainly none of the Thanes felt their positions threatened by him, and seemed comfortable in his role, which he even took seriously from time to time.

On the day their village was struck, his mother was killed. True, she was nearing 90 and not long for the world anyway, but it wasn’t pleasant news. Förbise obtained permission from the Jarl to travel to the east to find his father, under the condition that he return within a week to take part in a counterattack against the Acenii. While he was gone, however, the Acenii struck again, going against all tradition and killing most of his tribe. He received word of this attack while he was returning. Instead of continuing on, he turned and found a new path, a new way to survive. His tribe was dead, and he was alone.



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