Welcome, honored visitors. Let this place be as a skald, sharing the stories, myths and ways of life of the people, creatures and lands that compose our cold but endearing land of Yggdrasil.

The Event: The Calling

As stated previously, your tribe (as of yet unnamed) was in a rising conflict with the Acenii. Skirmishes became outright war. You and the Acenii were mostly evenly matched. The Acenii pulled a trick though: they drew out your warriors away from the encampment, and then attacked: but rather than pillaging, or taking captives as the norm, they outright killed the elderly, the children, those with children, and anyone in camp. They left immediately, taking nothing. Upon the warriors return, they found few survivors. Tradition and ritual demands that fighting cease while the dead are put to rest and sacrifices made to the gods. Assuming that the Acenii would respect the oldest of traditions, your people were not expecting them to attack while everyone was doing their tribal and religious duties: the Acenii struck without warning, slaughtering and stealing, and although you and your people put up a fight, it was for nought: your warriors were not garbed for war, your weapons lay far from hand, your magics were not enough. Few survived the attack, and those that did, got far away and spread throughout the land.

It has been years since that fateful night. Maybe it still haunts you, the things you saw. Maybe it eats at you that you couldn’t save your friends and family. Maybe hate burns in your chest at the Acenii for what they have done. It does not matter. Word has reached you, by birds, that the Acenii have grown weak. It is time to gather once more with the shattered survivors of your tribe, ones you had little hope of ever seeing again. It is time to right past wrong. Your friends and family, their blood cries for vengeance. Your tribe and clan, their restless spirits call for retribution. Answer the call.


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